Theo Klein Toy Swiss Army Knife

May 26, 2016 - Comment

Victorinox Toy Swiss Army Knife, Fork Knife VN2805 Famous Words of Inspiration…”Let us now set forth one of the fundamental truths about marriage: the wife is in charge.” Bill Cosby — Click here for more from Bill Cosby    

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Victorinox Toy Swiss Army Knife, Fork Knife VN2805


Mirooshk says:

Just like daddy’s. My son is obsessed with knives, but at 3 he’s a long way off from having one of his own. We were camping this summer and it got to the point where we were desperate for him to have something of his own. I am so happy that we found this knife. I was worried that he would brush it off as being too much a toy (like when kids won’t play with toy phones, but only want the real thing). Luckily, he’s also obsessed with being bigger. He saw this big knife and proudly told his dad, “my knife is bigger than yours!” He is one happy boy and kept this clipped to his pants for the remainder of the trip. He is rough on things, but hasn’t managed to break any of it. We are so happy that there is a kid-safe version of a Swiss army knife that passed the test.

Adrenolin says:

Just like Daddy’s OK well maybe not quite but he enjoys this. Bought this for our 2.5 year old boy as he is always attempting to ‘lift’ mine out of my pocket. I was wondering about its durability as our son can be quite rough on his toys at times.. just like any other little boy his age. Its held up nicely and he plays with it everyday and has it hanging from a belt loop on his pants quite often. If it hasn’t been damaged by now I’m sure it’ll last. The first few days while playing with it I’d show him how to open it as if it were a real knife. Then how to close it with hand palm on the back edge of the saw, knife, etc. He now operates the knife properly just as a responsible adult would a true knife. For this reason I give it a 5 star educational rating however this only applies where the parents spend the time teaching the child the proper technique. Really.. a few minutes the first couple days was all it took. I see him everyday at some point walking around looking through the magnifier at different…

Evy says:

way too big and bulky for the age designed for, but too low quality for an older kid. Honestly I wasn’t expecting much, certainly not anything so “real like” that I’d be nervous to hand it to my 4 year old so the fact that it’s “flexible” plastic that could obviously break (or more likely have a perminate bend in it) if used with too much pressure doesn’t bother me. What I am displeased with is totally MY FAULT for not reading the measurements, the thing is huge! I mean huge, bigger than a pair of glasses and we’re talking about a utility knife designed for 3 year olds… It’s to large for my hand, I’m not sure how my son is gonna have fun with it.Really think about handing your son a seven inch long, by inch and a half wide play knife before buying this, it’s huge for tiny little hands.

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