Queen Size Family Sleeping Bag

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A truly HUGE family camping bag, the Mammoth easily fits couples and even a child or pet. It’s nearly as big as a queen size bed, with zippers on both sides to get in and out without waking up your partner and controlling the temperature on each side. A third zipper on bottom means you

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A truly HUGE family camping bag, the Mammoth easily fits couples and even a child or pet. It’s nearly as big as a queen size bed, with zippers on both sides to get in and out without waking up your partner and controlling the temperature on each side. A third zipper on bottom means you can separate the bag into two quilted blankets. Use the side zippers to connect an unlimited number of Mammoth bags. The Mammoth has two choices for warmth. The Green Mammoth bag is very warm, rated for -18°C/0°F and the Grey Mammoth bag is warm, rated for -7°C/+20°F and both are made with the same construction and materials as the highly-rated TETON Sports Celsius series sleeping bags. Both contain SuperLoft Elite 4-channel hollow fiber insulation with Double layer offset stitching. Shoulder baffle cinches around the top to trap warm air inside the bag. Full-length side draft tubes and Velcro tabs at the top of zippers keep zippers in place and cold air out. Drawstring mummy-style hood can be flipped over head and ears. Includes a massive stuff sack with compression straps. If you stuff rather than roll, we promise the bag will fit.The perfect bag for any family outing, the Teton Mammoth bag is comfortable, warm, and large enough to accommodate almost any camper–and sometimes even two or three. The Mammoth sports a soft cotton flannel lining with a temperature rating of 0 degrees F, helping campers stay cozy in almost any family camping locale. The bag’s shoulder baffle and pair of full-length zipper draft tubes, meanwhile, help keep warmth in and cold out, a must on chilly fall evenings. And campers who really want to insulate will delight in the adjustable mummy hood, which pulls down tight for extra warmth.

But the real attention-getter is the Mammoth’s massive size, which can comfortably hold a pair of adults plus one small child, or as many as four young children at once. The large sleeping pocket makes this bag ideal for family trips to the beach, backyard sleepovers, and a ton of other people-intensive situations. Plus, should campers need to get out of the bag without disturbing their partners, they can simply use the full-length zipper on either side to make a quick exit.

Other features include internal storage pockets on both sides for holding keys, wallets, and other valuables and an Oxford nylon compression sack that makes the Mammoth easy to transport and store. The Mammoth measures 94 inches long by 62 inches wide and weighs 17 pounds. It’s also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Amazon.com Sleeping Bag Guide
Sleep Well: Finding the Right Sleeping Bag
Sleeping bag technology has come a long way from the days of cowboy bedrolls. These days, there are a number of high-tech materials and designs available to keep you warm during the coldest outings. Here’s a short list of things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a bag:

Buy for Cold
It’s a safe bet that on at least one of your adventures, the nighttime temperature will drop unexpectedly. That’s why it’s smart to buy a bag that’s rated for the lowest possible temperature you expect to face on your camping and backpacking trips. For summer trips, a bag rated at +35 degrees or higher will likely do the trick. If you like to camp in higher elevations in the summer, or if spring and fall outings are in your future, consider bags rated from +10 to +35. Winter adventurers should look for bags in the -10 to +10 range, while those on serious winter alpine climbs and expeditions will want a bag rated lower than -10.

Keep in mind that sleeping bag manufacturers’ temperature ratings only estimate the minimum temperature at which the bag will provide warmth. Take these numbers with a grain of salt, as different folks generate different amounts of heat when they sleep. If you’re the type who likes to pile on the covers even on warmer nights, go for a bag that’s rated ten degrees colder. The opposite is true for “warm” sleepers–a 35-degree bag will probably work for you on a 25-degree night.

Goose or No Goose?
The most important component of any sleeping bag is its insulating material. Modern sleeping bags offer two choices: goose down or synthetic. While both materials have advantages and disadvantages, down bags are considered superior because of their phenomenal warmth-to-weight and warmth-to-bulk ratios. While providing great insulation, down is extremely compressible and light. There’s a reason why geese can fly and stay warm through the winter! Down also boasts great long-term durability and will typically retain its insulating properties after years of use.

All of that said, there are many high-quality synthetic bags on the market and synthetic materials are getting better all the time. While a synthetic bag will weigh somewhat more than a down bag at an equivalent temperature rating, synthetic bags perform better when wet. (Yes, the Achilles heel of down is that it loses all insulating properties when wet.) If your trips take you to wet climates, you may want to consider a synthetic bag for this reason alone. Keep in mind, too, that many people are allergic to down–synthetic bags are non-allergenic. Finally, down is considerably more expensive than synthetic, which might tip the balance for adventurers on a budget.

Bags for All Shapes
Sleeping bags come in two basic shapes that reflect their intended use. Mummy-shaped bags offer the best warmth because they conform to the body’s contours. This minimizes the amount of body heat the body must put out to maintain a constant temperature. Many mummy bags are offered in women-specific shapes and sizes, as well. Rectangular bags, while they do offer more room to toss and turn, are less thermally efficient because they contain more open air space. Also, they are typically heavier than mummy bags, and are generally not offered with down insulation, making them best suited for car camping or short backpacking trips.

Pad Yourself
No matter what kind of bag you choose, a sleeping pad is a required accessory. Not only do they provide much-needed comfort when sleeping on the ground, pads also offer crucial warmth for your backside, as the weight of your body compresses–and renders virtually useless–the sleeping bag insulation that lies beneath you.


elaY says:

Love it! I was planning on buying 2 regular bags and zipping them together, but I spotted this on Amazon, so I figured, why not?The bag came double-boxed and well protected. It has a very well made stuff-sack with compression straps.The outer liner (taffeta) feels nicely water repellant without being too plastic. The inner felt liner is very comfortable.I’m 6’4″ and right at 300 lbs. This sleeping bag is HUGE! Plenty of room for 2 people and I’ve got lots of headroom inside of the bag, including room for a pillow. There are tons of adjustments at the head to close in the top over your head completely for maximum warmth or to just keep your pillows safely inside of the bag with you. It’s amzing how good this bag feels.I laid the bag out on my queen sized bed. It draped over the foot of the bed by about 3-4 inches and was 3-4 inches short of spanning side to side. I took some pics and I’ll try to add them to the Amazon listing.

Amazon Customer says:

Very warm and cozy! I do a lot of camping in very cold weather and I’m not exactly a tiny person. Neither is my husband. We both fit in this tent very comfortably being the size we are and in 22 degree weather we were VERY warm in this sleeping bag. It was well worth what we paid for it and then some. Before we got this sleeping bag, we didn’t sleep well camping because it would be so cold we would shake all night, but this time other people came out of their tents saying they didn’t get a good nights sleep because it was too cold. And we got good sleep!So, this sleeping bag is wide enough for bigger folk (200+) and warm enough for REALLY cold weather.Another cool feature it has is this piece that you can pull over your face and head if you want to, and it has this slight indention to where you can still breath, or tunnel as I call it. So your nose and mouth doesn’t freeze.

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